The Interruption of Everything: A Novel (Hardcover)
The Interruption of Everything: A Novel (Hardcover)
The Interruption of Everything: A Novel (Hardcover)
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by Terry McMillan

"Being a lifetime wife and mother has afforded me the luxury of having multiple and even simultaneous careers: Iíve been a chauffeur. A chef. An interior decorator. A landscape architect, as well as a gardener. Iíve been a painter. A furniture restorer. A personal shopper. A veterinarianís assistant and sometimes the veterinarian.... An accountant, a banker, and on occasion, a broker. Iíve been a beautician. A map. A psychic. Santa Claus. The Tooth Fairy. The T.V. Guide. A movie reviewer. An angel. God....For a long time I have felt like I inadvertently got my masterís in How to Take Care of Everybody Except Yourself and then a Ph.D. in How to Pretend Like You Donít Mind. But I do mind." Since Terry McMillanís breakout novel Waiting to Exhale surged onto the bestseller lists, critics and readers alike have been captivated by her irreverent, hilarious, pitch-perfect tales of womenís lives and contemporary issues. With The Interruption of Everything, her sixth novel, McMillan takes on the fault lines of midlife and family life, reminds us once again of the redeeming power of friendship, and turns her eye toward the dilemma of how a woman starts to put her own needs higher on the to-do list while not shortchanging everyone else.

Marilyn Grimes, wife and mother of three, has made a career of deferring her dreams to build a suburban California home and lifestyle with her husband, Leon. She troubleshoots for her grown kids, cares for her live-in mother-in-law, Arthurine (and elderly poodle, Snuffy); keeps tabs on her girlfriends Paulette and Bunny and her own aging mother and foster sisteróall the while holding down a part-time job. But at forty-four, Marilynís got too much on her plate and nothing to feed her passion. She feels like sheís about ready to jump. Sheís just not sure where.

Highly entertaining, deeply human, a page-turner full of heart and soul, The Interruption of Everything is vintage Terry McMillanóand a triumphant testament to the fact that the detour is the path, and living life "by the numbers" never quite adds up.